Understand and Calculate Your Zakat

Simple Zakat Guide

by Joe W. Bradford, bestselling Islamic finance author
Great book. Simple and easy to follow. Also provides easy to use worksheets / templates in the back you can photocopy and use annually. Perfect, practical and easy to use. Reviews
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1600+ copies sold
2 formats
5.00 Stars on Amazon
70+ different topics
6 sections
100 pages

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Available in print, e-book, and audio.

Frequently asked questions

Why Simple Zakat Guide?

I wrote Simple Zakat Guide to fill a void I noticed in modern Zakat literature. Most previous works were either pamphlets that have very little detail or voluminous tomes that have way too much.

Can you summarize the book's contents?

It starts with basic concepts and principles, then which Assets are liable for Zakat and why, how to deal with Haram earnings, and how your expenses and liabilities are deducted before paying Zakat. Part V of the book covers best practices on who you can and should give your Zakat to, and part VI sums up all previous steps and worksheets to let you know just how you will pay.

How do I use this book?

Simple Zakat Guide is not just a book, but an interactive workbook that covers not just how to calculate your Zakat but why, with just enough info for you to make an educated decision on how to calculate it. Every chapter ends with a worksheet and all worksheets are included at the end for use year after year.

What format is it available in?

Simple Zakat Guide is currently available in print form from and E-book form on Kindle. Anticipate a video course and audiobook to launch in 2016.

About the author


Joe holds a graduate degree in Islamic law and legal theory from the Islamic University of Medina. He studied traditionally with scholars from around the Muslim world.

He is an entrepreneur with a decade of experience in several fields, spanning finance, banking, project management, and research.

You can read more about him and his projects or follow him on social media using the links below.